Who is Bambie Thug

Bambie Thug has taken the Eurovision Song Contest by storm, marking the Ireland’s first entry in more than five years. The semi-final performance of “Doomsday Blue” has left fans amazed with many eagerly awaiting the grand final on Saturday.

Why is Bambie Thug famous?

Cuntry Ray Robinson known as Bambie Thug, who was born on March 6, 1993. He is an Irish singer-songwriter, who is renowned for mixing numerous genres in their music. They are known to coin the term “ouija-pop” to describe their unique musical style, which draws inspiration from a variety of themes including breakups, witchcraft, and societal issues.

Robinson Represented Ireland in the Eurovision Song Contest 2024. He secured his place after winning the Irish national final with “Doomsday Blue”.

After winning Eurosong in 2024, the song and Robinson got a lot of attention from the Irish media and public. People had a lot to say about it, both in senese of good and bad. In the Eurovision contest, they came in sixth place, which was Ireland’s best result in over two decades.

What’s Bambie’s musical style?

Robinson is known for their term “ouija-pop” sound, Described their music as self-proclaimed “Nightcore Barbie”. In a 2023 interview, they stated that “my stuff is hyperpunk avant electro-pop. We call it grit pop or rot but recently I have been coining the term ‘Ouija pop'”.

Bambie Thug was famous because of their name with a series of genre-defying singles, including Tsunami in 2022 and a critically acclaimed EP CATHEXIS. Their Eurovision track, Doomsday Blue, is about the feeling of having your potential overlooked, and is an ode to the queer community.

Having performed on numerous esteemed stages worldwide, including Download Festival and The Great Escape, Bambie Thug is a seasoned performer, having global following. Their songwriting skills extends beyond their own artistry, with compositions for artists across various genres accumulating over 50 million streams.

Early life:

Robinson was born in Macroom. His father belong to Stockholm and a mother from Cork. Bambie has three sisters. They were also raised in Macroom.

Banbie Thug’s journey into music began early on. Raised in a musically inclined household, they honed their skills at St Mary’s Secondary School in Macroom before pursuing formal training in London. Despite early aspirations in ballet, a twist of fate led them to musical theatre, setting the stage for their remarkable career in music.


Where does Bambie Thug reside?

Bambie Thug resides in Ireland, where they are actively involved in the music scene and cultural landscape.

What makes Robinson stand out in the music industry?

Thug is known for their eclectic musical style, and their captivating performances.

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