Are you exploring for tourist spots in the world? If yes, then you are in the right place! We have collected all the related information about best tourist spot in France that you need to spend your holidays in the romantic city of Paris with it’s famous The Eiffel tower.

France as Best Tourist Spot

France is one of the most famous country of Europe continent for tourists from all over the world, You may surprise to know that about 90 million visitors come to France for visiting every normal (Non-Covid) year, Because of most popular visiting places and huge statically figure of visitors confirms that France is most popular country of the world, and also first choice of visitors to spend their holidays in different tourists spots of the country.

Historical power-ridden architecture of France

This European country is renowned for its power-ridden architecture, lush greenery, Shining nights and advanced lifestyles with a cultural variation. By offering tremendous number of things to visitors, France becoming most amazing place for visitors where everyone loves to visit once in his life.

When you think about Paris, you will imagine a perfect picture in your mind, Is it delicious food and wine? Is it romantic walks on bridges over the seine twilight, with a lit up tonz Eiffel in the background. In this article I will explore most beautiful, famous, and dedicated place of France that embody the essence of this enchanting country.

The Effel Tower Best tourist spot in France

The Eiffel tower is an iconic symbol and most popular landmark in the world, it stands proudly in the heart of Paris. The Eiffel tower was named after the name Engineer Gustave Eiffel, he was Civil Engineer, whose company designed this tower and built it, Construction completely finalized in the end of 1889.

The Eiffel tower is the most popular landmark in the world that is definitely at the top of everyone’s list of ideal tourist spots, Due to essence popularity everyone loves to visit this monument in his/her life at least once. It is not just a stunning piece of architecture but also a representation of romance and history. For photography enthusiasts, The Eiffel Tower is a treasure trove of perfect picture opportunities.

The monument’s surroundings, including the Champ de Mars and Seine River, provide fantastic vantage points for capturing stunning shots. The golden hours and evening lights add a touch of magic.

The Eiffel tower was popular for it’s amazing Engineering of that time when it was built to commemorate the 100 Anniversary of the French Revolution. For 40 years, it was the famous tallest tower in the world. The tower has served as various role throughout history from temporary to permanent fixture of Persian pride, it has countless history events which makes this tower more important for visitors

The people celebrate their holidays in such a stylish and remarkable tower that is in Paris, France.  The height of the famous tower base to top is 330m and is known as “La Tower Eiffel”. 20000 light bulbs are installed in the tower for illumination of entire tower that creates majestic structure and offers breathtaking panoramic views of city of lights.

The Eiffel tower is most popular and Best tourist spot in France that offers a perfect blend of romance, culture, and great history. When you are looking for romantic gateway, a cultural experience or a simply relaxing escape, France has all it. So do not wait, pack your bags, and create unforgettable memories of the charming and diverse country of Europe.

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