China high speed rail

If you have a passion for technology and looking for advanced developments in train system, then you are at right place! Because we will share complete detail of China high speed rail which is also renowned as Shanghai Maglev train system, The fastest train of current time.

As the world facing climate change issues, day by day traveling issues by air causing as increasing unattractive scenario for many travelers. Many people choose to travel by train nowadays but due to time spending they avoid choosing, I grabbed some latest development in china’s train which really stunned me hopefully you will be astonished to know and will enjoy reading this article.

Introduction to China high speed rail

Super metropolitan of china is renowned for many modern attractions, Shanghai Maglev is one of the advanced train systems in the China which is highest speed train of current time.

It runs approximately 430 km/h or 267 mil/h, that is the highest speed of the time. It covers 30 km or 19 miles distance in a single journey, at full speed it takes only 8-minutes to complete 30km distance.

It’s really hallmark of wisdom, ingenuity, and advanced technology for mankind’s, it has advanced infrastructure and luxury style of latest trends. People who have enthusiasm to travel and want to enjoy their journey with unlimited latest facilities are welcomed to travel.

Features and facilities in China high speed rail

High-speed rails has some unique features which are quite advanced and fascinating, some features and facilities are mentioned below.

  • It’s modern and most recent train of the time, it offers clean and pleasant environment inside for travelers like in an airplane.
  • There is beautiful scene inside the train, comfortable luxury seats for passengers like in an airplane.
  • If is fully air-conditioning cool inside and temperature controlled which increase passenger interest to travel and enjoy the journey.
  • LCD display is fixed to the front of each seat, from screen passenger can view speed of train.
  • These trains use magnetic levitation technology, they do not use wheels and move on ground without any contact directly.
  • High speed trains are considered environmentally friendly because they do not burn any fuel or produce any waste gas.
  • Due to non-friction parts, there is less noise or almost no sound when it runs, this silent environment of train allows passenger to have a smooth traveling experience.
  • High speed tracks are made of alnico which is compound of different alloys of iron, aluminum, nickel, cobalt, and copper.
  • Tracks of fastest train was constructed from many costly materials which increase budget of overall track.
  • There is less wear and tear in mechanical parts due to no rolling frictions, as a result this makes more economical than regular train.

How to on board the high speed rail

It is advised to all passengers who wants to travel in this fastest train and want to board, some important steps are discussed below which are necessary to know everyone, before traveling in maglev.

  • Passengers are advised to reach 5-minutes before departure time. In case if you do not arrive at the time and miss the train, then You need to wait for the next one.
  • After buying tickets passengers are advised to follow the sign and go to the platform through the entrance gate.
  • When reached at the platform, they should wait for train behind safety line.
  • When train arrived, show your ticket to the attendant who is present there.
  • Do not fold or torn tickets, if damaged, ticket might be invalid or cancelled.
  • After boarding, the passengers need to show their luggage in the space provided by train and settle down in their seats.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited during journey in the train.
  • Once the train arrived, the passengers need to get off from the train and follow the instructions given by the attendant.

Route Map of Rail

The connection of Shanghai Pudong international airport with long yang road Station is through the maglev line, from that point travelers can continue their journey to the city center, the track is not part of any other network, Shanghai metro operated by its own service from Pudong airport to central Shanghai and long yang road Station.

Brief History of Maglev high speed rail

Maglev started to operate commercially on December 31st,2002 in china. Currently it is considered as highest speed train in the world.

Maglev is magnetic levitation train and is also famous with another name of Shanghai Trans rapid. High speed maglev is operational only in China and maglev is in South Korea and Japan.

In conclusion

It can be expected hopefully, in near future, not just in china but rest of the world will enhance necessary infrastructure of train system so that communities from all over the world can avail the service of this wonderful and path breaking technology, that day is not so far when traveling thousands of miles could be covered within minutes.

Thanks for reading this article, I hope it would increase your knowledge about latest technology used in China high speed rail and enhance your awareness about development of modern technology so keep continue visiting our website for more information about technology tourist, traveling and get fun!

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