World Best and Famous ice-skating rinksThe Rideau Canal as Best Ice-Skating rinks

In this post, we will explore some of the World best and famous ice-skating rinks for you that offer you something extra special, where everyone loves to go and spend vacations once in his life. Some of the most attractive and famous ice rinks are discussed below, hopefully which will be helpful for choosing you best ice rinks for your winter.

Best and Famous ice-skating rinks in the world

The Rideau Canal as Best Ice-Skating rinks:

  • The Rideau Canal is the largest open-air ice-skating rink in the world. Its famous site in Canada for being UNESCO world heritage. Ice skating is a famous winter sport in the world, and The Rideau offers you stunning view of downtown Ottawa from Rideau canal positions. Every year, The Rideau canal turns into skating rink, covering large area for skaters, it is largest ice rink in the world, Surface area for rink is 7.8Km long.
  • From mid of January depending upon weather conditions, visitors start to come and enjoy skating in any section of rink during this tenure. The Rideau boosts a number of beverages spots for visitors, from where you can grab delicious hot tea and boozy beverages at rink.

There is also a separate space for non-Skaters, they are welcome to walk along the edges of skate way (Safely away from skaters) or there is another separate pathway alongside the canal.

Eiffel Tower, Famous Ice-Skating rink of France:

  • The Eiffel tower is famous for many attractions of its wonderful views and romantic atmosphere, but one of the most unique and renowned attractions it is offering is ice skating! This makes it ideal for families who love skating and want to share quality time together on vacations.
  • Every winter season, A rink is set up at the first floor of the Iconic tower. The Skaters can really enjoy the stunning view from a special vantage point and enjoy the seasonal ice rink that is open from December to February. 
World Best and Famous ice skating rinks 4

There are several restaurants and cafes which are located near the iconic tower, where visitors can have a relax after skating session and continue enjoying the amazing view of Eiffel skating rink.

Le Grande palais des Glaces, France:

  • France has multiple choice for visitors which makes this country as largest tourist spots in the world. La Grande palais des Glaces is another breathtaking ice-skating rink in Paris, France. The rink is located with its famous Grand palais museum complex, this museum has favorite destination for locals and tourists from all over the world. It was opened in 1900 and is still under construction. It is estimated to reopen for the season in 2024. This rink measures an impressive area of 3300 square meters, this largest surface makes this rink the largest natural surface rink in the world. Rink also hosts many special events each year, it includes exhibitions, shows and competitions such as the world figure skating championships.
World Best and Famous ice skating rinks 5

Dubai Mall, UAE

  • Do you know where is the world largest shopping mall located? Yes, it’s in Dubai and famous as Dubai Mall. Its ice rink is an impressive spot for skaters, located inside the world’s largest mall that is considered as World Best and Famous ice-skating rinks . The rink offers a unique experience with its Olympic-sized and stunning backdrop of Burj-ul-Khalifa which is tallest building of the world, it is offering both recreational skating and figure skating for all, skaters can enjoy several activities such as Laser tag, mini golf and curling.
World Best and Famous ice skating rinks 3

There are comfortable seats for those who do not want to skate and want to relax and enjoy watching glide across the ice during mall session opening hours.


We have tried to highlight most of the famous winter rinks from all over the world in this post, Discovering the beauty of snow and importance of gliding on the Ice that bring people together by providing fun way to stay active. People come there to create memories and enjoy their winter vacations. If you want more information about all kinds of sports, world tour destinations and business, then keep visiting our website for future posts.

Where is the world’s longest skating rink?

The Rideau Canal Skateway is top attraction place for skating enthusiasts seeking outdoor thrills during Canada’s cold winters.

Is ice skating an extreme sport?

high-risk sports – these sports are characterized by a high probability of injury e.g. skiing, fencing, martial arts, ice hockey, ice skating, and rock climbing.

Why is ice skating the best sport?

Skating works nearly for every muscle group in the body, and gliding requires synchronized movement of the legs, which is important for joint flexibility.

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