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You would be wondering, is that even the worst time to travel to Bali?

The answer is Yes!

As we know, Bali is one of Southeast Asia’s most popular destinations, famous for its breathtaking beauty and vibrant culture. People come from all over the world to enjoy the world’s famous surfing beaches, Stunning waterfalls, and beautiful temples.

However, if you are planning a trip to Bali and want to avoid your trip from any weather disruptions then you must know when is the worst time to visit Bali. As you know, Bali has seasonal variations; Sometimes Bali’s weather fails to meet the expectations of travelers. Visiting Bali during the rainy or the wet Season(November to April) is considered as the worst time to visit Bali.

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So, let me tell you when is not a good time in Bali and you should avoid to visit. I’m sure this article will be helpful to you.

Where is Bali?

Bali, a gleaming jewel nestled is located in Indonesia, especially in Southeast Asia. It is positioned in the island of Lombok which is the most populated island in the world. Despite its small size by area, Bali has a rich cultural heritage hence it is roughly estimated around 3 million tourists come to Bali every year. Denpasar serves as the capital city of Bali, where the official spoken language is Indonesian but many locals also speak English, this eliminates communication barriers.

When is the Worst time to travel to Bali?

Bali is renowned island of Indonesia, that is often referred as the “Island of Gods”. Bali has fantastic things to do, irrespective of your travel month and the Bali’s weather. It is also crucial to choose the right time for experiencing the best tour trip to Bali, as the island’s climate varies throughout the year. The rainy season, especially the months from (November to April) is generally regarded as the worst time to visit Bali. These months are characterized by heavy rainfall, and high humidity which increases the chances of tropical storms.

On the other hand, the rainy season(wet season) in Bali unveils a series of challenges for tourists that makes it the worst time in Bali and not recommended to visit island. The heavy rainfall can lead to flooding in some areas that can disturb outdoor activities and limit the charm of Bali’s landscapes. Additionally, water-based activities such as diving and snorkeling can also be affected during this time.

However, if your trip is already scheduled, traveling to Bali during rainy weather may be beneficial for you because it is considered the cheapest time in Bali, that provides you with an opportunity to experience Bali at its most budget-friendly and least crowded period.

When is Rainy Season(wet season) in Bali?

Bali has two distinct seasons: the wet and the dry seasons. The wet season is considered the worst time to visit while the dry season is highly recommended as the best time to visit. The Island experiences heavy annual rainfall and higher humidity during the rainy season, although it typically doesn’t rain continuously throughout the day.

However, during the wet season, the beaches and sea in the south of Bali (Kuta, Legian, Seminyak, Canggu) can be quite dirty due to debris and trash washed onto the shore – during December, January, and February particularly. That’s not a pretty sight! However, Planning your trip during the rainy season will be impossible to predict the Bali weather.

It’s possible to enjoy many outdoor activities during this time of the year. The island’s lush greenery of the tropical landscape is especially beautiful during the rainy weather, with the vibrant green rice terraces and the jungle-covered in mist.

How Is The Monsoon Season in Bali?

Bali weather remains totally unpredictable but monsoon season in Bali does not mean bad as people make it. Sometimes it rains for weeks at a time while other times the rain is sporadic.  The rain is more like a brief tropical storm than an endless downpour for the rest of the wet season. Things actually starts to get worse from November and you can assume months from December to February as peak monsoon of Bali’s rainy season. Anyway you can enjoy less accommodation rates and fewer tourists on the island in this season which is nice.

Why Rainy Season is Regarded as the worst Time to Visit Bali?

The worst time in Bali is characterized by the risk of flooding, which can disrupt your travel plans and pose significant safety concerns. Heavy rainfall is expected during the rainy season which obviously increases the chances of flooding in low-lying areas and regions with inadequate drainage systems such as Seminyak and Kuta.

If you’re visiting Bali during the rainy season, it’s common for travelers to be disrupted by flash flooding or landslides because of sudden heavy rainfall water. It is an unusual phenomenon but something that could ruin your trip.
Bali’s infrastructure is pretty poor outside the major cities and towns so it’s important to know the advice of locals, possibly your hotel reception or even your scooter or car rental agency. Additionaly, for your guide we have highlighted some major issues which always faced by travelers at rainy time in Bali.

Unbearable Humidity:

  • Average humidity at worst time: 85-90%
  • Island air feels somehow sticky and uncomfortable.
  • Heavy rainfall and high moisture contribute to discomfort.

Dampened Adventure in Bali:

  • The rainy season can limit outdoor activities.
  • Challenges include hiking, water sports, and exploring natural wonders.
  • Bali’s exploration becomes less enjoyable during the rainy season.

Mosquitoes and Disease Risk:

  • Travelers outdoors during this period are at risk of mosquito bites and related health issues like malaria and dengue.

Hurricane or Typhoon:

  • Bali has a monsoon climate with occasional windy and rainy conditions.
  • Rare hurricanes/typhoons, but unpredictable weather may disrupt your plans.

Weather-Induced Closures:

  • High waves and strong currents make swimming unsafe.
  • Due to safety issues, famous beaches are closed for visitor
  • Outdoor attractions, hiking trails, and adventure parks may be closed or limited in the rainy season.

Bali weather by Month:

In this guide, we provide you each month by month weather detail, which will help you to identify the best/worst time to visit to Bali. We’ll also share the good and not-so-good aspects, enabling you to pick the time that suits your preferences and priorities. In this way, you can plan a fantastic and memorable visit while avoiding the worst time to visit Bali.

Bali in November:

Is November a good month to travel to Bali? November is a peaceful and excellent time to visit Bali. The rainy season just begins in November in Bali, but the rain is short, and nights get cooler. The lush, rain-kissed landscapes are stunning and vibrant, making it perfect for those who love nature and taking pictures of fresh landscapes. The beaches are almost quiet, perfect for peaceful walks and enjoying beautiful sunsets.

November is famous as shoulder season in Bali, having fewer people, cheaper places to stay and fly to. Hotels tend to lower their rates in November therefore It is not worst time to visit and considered as best time to explore Bali’s culture, and traditional dances, try local food, and enjoy nice weather with fewer people around in November.

  • Is Bali Hot In November:  Due to the tropical climate of Bali, the temperature does not fluctuate much from month to month. Average Bali temperature in November is 20°C as the lowest and 37°C as the highest temperature recorded in Bali.
  • Average Humidity In November in Bali: The average humidity in November is 75% which is on an uncomfortable side, especially paired with hot and rainy days.
  • Average Monthly Rainfall in November: Average rainfall goes upto 150mm

Bali in December:

Bali is an ideal destination for travelers who love to enjoy, and are looking for a unique and memorable experience. December in Bali is one of the most popular month of the year when travelers around the world comes to island to take advantage of the balmy temperatures, stunning landscapes and vibrant festivals. 

Weather in Bali in December: December is the start of the rainy season – and high season, it is expected to be heavy rainfall, As one of Bali’s rainiest month, it has an average of (16-17 days) monthly rainfall if you ignore rain then you can assume it not worst time in Bali.

You can expect a wide range of different Things to Do in Bali in December like Surfing, snorkeling, exploring the lush jungles, and picturesque temples available on the island. There are many festivals and celebrations that occurs throughout December in Bali, such as Bali art festival and the Nyepi Balinese Day of Silence.

You will also enjoy your days on the beach because of Christmas and New Year. This is peak season in Bali, usually between the 23rd of December and the 6th of January. Famous DJs come to entertain the crowds at New Year’s parties.This is the reason why people choose December as good month to visit Bali!

  • Is Bali weather Hot In December: Average Bali temperature in December, the highest temperature in Bali is recorded at around 30°C (86°F), while the lowest temperature goes to approximately 23°C (73°F).

Bali in January:

If you are curious about Bali Weather in January then you will be happy to know that Bali is a year-round destination and any time of year is considered a good time to visit Bali but January in Bali is marked as peak of the wet season, while the rainy weather doesn’t mean that you need to avoid visiting the island during this month, quite the contrary. You need to bring something to keep the rain off because of rain. it is not the best time of year for diving and snorkeling as the sea can get a bit cloudy following the rain.

Bali looks really beautiful all the time with lots of greenery. The warm weather, beautiful landscapes, and friendly people bring visitors to come and enjoy the beautiful Indonesian island all year round. This is the reason why people assume this island is a slice of paradise on Earth. 

  • Is Bali weather Hot In January: Bali has hot weather with little rainstorms and warm tropical winds in January. It brings frequent rain showers and high humidity.
  • Average Bali temperature in January: Despite heavy rainfall, the temperature remains warm and the weather is almost sunny. The average highest temperature is around 30°C (86°F) and the lowest temperature is around 23°C (73°F) recorded in the month of January in Bali.

Bali in February:

Is February not a good time to visit Bali? Bali in February is a slow season and is considered one of the wettest months of the year. You may not consider it the best time of the year for Bali because February weather is always rainy with tropical storms, high humidity, and a bit cooler than other months but it does not rain all day.

  • Average rainfall in Bali In February: The average sun (6 hours per day) on beaches with downpours which may fall almost 22/28 days on average, and an average of 12 inches of rainfall every day in February. You might not be able to enjoy much more at the Bali beaches in February.
  • Average Bali temperature in February: February in Bali is mostly hot and humid, and Average temperatures ranging from 22°C and 31°C in this month.

If your plan is fixed to Bali in February, then you need to discover some of Bali’s other attractions where you can spend your precious time and enjoy your vacations. February might be considered the best time to visit museums and temples. In addition, there will be a great couple of festivals and some world-class DJs will be spinning the discs of the island’s hottest clubs. Most importantly, February’s Famous Valentine’s Day falls in the middle of this month. And Bali has some of the world’s most romantic restaurants!

Bali in March:

If you are worried about what to expect in Bali in the month of March and you have already planned a trip to Bali, read on to discover that is March suitable month for your trip to Bali? March in Bali is end of the rainy weather hence less amount of rainfall in late March, but it still remains Warm to hot and rainy, especially in the first half of the month. It becomes a little warmer in the start and showers start to peter out at the end of March.

You can enjoy low prices and longer gaps between rain in March, but Diving’s still out, and hiking’s still not recommended in the month of March in Bali. It is advised when it starts to rain in the morning, you can get advantages and can see the beautiful scenery and enjoy the beaches, reserving temple visits and other indoor activities. 

  • Enjoy low prices and longer gaps between rain:
  • Average Bali temperature in March: 24°C to 34°C (75°F to 93°F)
  • Average Rainfall in March : 240 mm (9 inches)
  • Average Rainy days: 20 days

Bali in April:

Are you scared about what to expect Bali climate in April? you would be happy to know that April is the beginning of the dry season and tourism in the country. Things start to change in Bali in April, Clean beaches, not too windy, sunny weather, and the hotels filling up slowly in April. But it can still rain from time to time, so dry does not mean that there will be no rain at all. Beach lovers and hikers can expect some blue sky days and clear seas in April. Hence it is the start of the season therefore things can get crowded in certain areas, and accommodation becomes more expensive in this Month.

  • Average Bali temperature in April: The average maximum temperature is 34°C (93°F), and the average nightly minimum is a comfortable 25°C (77°F). A lot of people think this is the perfect beach weather time in Bali.
  • April is the hottest month in Bali: Yes due to beginning of dry season, it is hot and sunny averaging 8 hours of sunshine per day in Apr.

Final Thoughts

The rainy season in Bali, which lasts from November to April, is considered as The worst time to travel to Bali. The weather during this period is unpredictable, your plan can be disrupted due to the high risk of mosquitos, heavy rainfall, and closures of many outdoor attractions on the island. The frequent rainfall Pollutes the island beaches with plastic waste. Reduced water visibility, while rough waves create discomfort during ferry rides

However, Bali has much to offer, You just have to choose the right time for your trip, as you can ensure a more enjoyable and memorable trip. Additionally, this time is also famous as the cheapest time in Bali having fewer crowds. December to February marks the peak of the monsoon season in Bali. April signals the beginning of the dry season, attracting tourists with clean beaches and sunny weather.


Is the Bali weather unpredictable?

Bali’s weather is totally unpredictable, especially in the rainy season (wet season), which runs from November to April. It’s important to keep your plans flexible on your vacation, as sudden thunderstorms or downpours may lead to last-minute changes to your trip.

Is April a good time to visit to Bali?

April can be a best time to visit Bali because it marks the end of the rainy season and the start of the dry season. This leads to drier and more pleasant weather, with fewer tourists on the island. However, it is recommended to check weather updates continuously before planning your trip to Bali.

When is Monsoon Season in Bali?

December, January, and February months are generally considered the peak monsoons of Bali’s rainy season.

When is the dry season in Bali?

The dry season in Bali starts from May to October; this can vary each year because of climate change.

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